Recruitment is fundamentally a straightforward process with a beginning, middle and end. So why does it so often end in failure? From our experience, the answer is quite simple and comes back to the fact that part or all of the process has not been followed correctly or thoroughly. This is more likely to happen in smaller companies where lack of know-how relating to recruitment methods combined with severe time pressures often leads to expedient decision making based on subjective criteria.

 While the final decision on who to hire can only be made by the recruiting manager, our expertise can be used to make the process much more thorough, professional and less onerous in terms of client management time. We are more than happy to undertake complete assignments, but we can also provide advice and guidance on specific stages of the recruitment process if in house resources are available. What sets us apart from other recruitment companies is the fact that we operate as a genuine business partner, immersing ourselves in the culture and style of the business and articulating these values to potential candidates. This enables us to shortlist more effectively and to promote the company and the role throughout the process. 

 If you would like to discuss how to manage the recruitment process more effectively  contact Brian Kemp on 01883 381383.