Our clients are in three main sectors:

1. ‘take over the world’, creative, entrepreneurs who want to make a difference . They have invented a widget to do it.
2. cool, professionals who believe that partnerships can function without quill pens.
3. teachers who want to learn as well as encourage learning

What they say:

The Entrepreneur

“Helix HR’s prompt, friendly support and sensible fees make them a perfect solution. ” Kerry Williamson,MD, Dogworld.

The Professionals

“Our working relationship with Mike has been very fluid and we’ve dealt with any issues just as soon as they came up. Mike is a really, really very approachable person, and he listens well,” Jamie Lyons,  senior manager at ACCAglobal.

Pilgrims Language School

“Mike started working with Pilgrims in the early 90’s and his major qualities include insight, bright intelligence,  and excellent balance. Maybe more than all this is that Mike’s humanity is mighty as an oak tree.” Mario Rinvolucri ,Head of Teacher Training ,Pilgrims Language School.