ACCA- Career development through competence framework

The background

The ACCA are a global professional body with more than  360,000 students and 130,000 full members  in over 170 countries worldwide.  They aim to promote the highest professional standards in Accountancy.

The project

The project was to design a tool to enable finance professionals to improve the skills, knowledge and competence in their roles by highlighting skills gaps and areas for further training and professional development. A further benefit was to allow organisations to understand skills and knowledge across finance teams, and to plan out further professional development accordingly. Mike’s role, working as part of Tenon’s HR service, was to assist in the development of competences members in public practice

In the words of Jamie Lyons- a senior manager in  the ACCA

‘We have developed a global competency framework. That’s a tool that allows people to assess how good they are in their roles. It’s been a meaty project, with a lot riding on it. It’s been a lot of work over about 6-9 months bringing it together. This would have been quite difficult to do without Mike.

Mike helped me identify all the competencies for financial people. Mike’s got specific expertise in public practice. His background is as someone familiar with professional practice.

He helped me just think very practically about some of the issues of using this product. He sourced all the competencies and things you’d expect accountants to be able to do. Then we have used an IT firm to build this tool. Mike thinks in terms of ‘if I was an end user what would I need’.

We have  launched the product globally. Feedback on the tool has been good. Employers have said the competencies accurately reflect what accountants are actually doing in their roles. And the tool is easy to use.

Mike delivered everything I wanted him to do on time. He’s got a lot of good experience which he has been able to draw on to provide me with the information I need. Mike’s got good technical knowledge. He was able to go back into Tenon and bring in their advice where needed.

The working relationship with Mike has been very fluid and we’ve dealt with any issues just as soon as they came up. Mike is a really really very approachable person, and he listens well.

He takes time to understand you and there’s no bullshit. He’s just very genuine and very honest and what you see is what you get. He comes across as very relaxed. He’s a good sounding board. He brings a very pragmatic and sensible perspective to things.’