NDC –A specific project

NDC Infrared is an engineering company based in Essex. They have around 75 employees and export over 90% of their products. The technology is used in a variety of industries including food, paper and pharmaceuticals.

As a self-directed subsidiary of a global organisation they were effectively an owner managed business looking for a structure for development. They had an appraisal system that did not meet their needs and was being ignored.  Mike Shreeve of Helixhr, working with Tenon, developed a coaching based appraisal system more in tune with their engineering and personal values. In addition, all training needs were recorded and each person’s development identified.

The company is very aware of its cost structure in a very competitive environment.  Mike  used the NVQ programme to address training needs in IT, customer service and business improvement for no cash cost.   A number of “intuitive skills” were part of the senior director skill set and the firm has started a mentoring scheme. Other training in exporting and sales negotiation is being supported by the Train to Gain scheme. This training will either create or save cash. Mike has added his training skills to make this a valued and business relevant way of approaching the recession.

Under Train to Gain, NDC are to retrain their employees.   Brian Kemp of Tenon says about the project “What’s key in this difficult climate is that you are asking people to work harder often for no cash reward.  Therefore, in order to retain staff when the upturn comes, companies need to find different ways of investing in people now.  The solution developed by Mike for NDC is an ideal example of this. What started off as a straight performance management brief has ended up as a powerful employee retention and development tool.  This has come about through a great deal of creativity and lateral thinking – you don’t find these qualities in most training consultants – they just regurgitate the products they already have.”