Richard Fifield, Director of Outsourcing, Tenon

The background

Richard has used Mike as a mentor and coach for the people in his business for over ten years. Richard has grown the outsourcing business from £2m-£10m and has won several awards as the outsourcing business of the year. We asked Richard,

‘What special skills and qualities does Mike bring to your projects?’

‘It’s Mike’s significant experience across a wide range of disciplines and perhaps, the biggest thing, is his depth of knowledge.

He’s been working with all types of people at Tenon, from more junior staff to directors, he’s certainly helped people confront and deal with difficult issues they were facing. For example  tricky client situations or  people issues; how to change some quite fundamental personality issues. Mike might talk to an aspiring director and assist them to increase their impact and effectiveness.

This could be to improve their presentation and selling skills.His agenda is to help the person. Unlike in corporate life when people have an angle and they’ll help you because it will help them, he’s very unbiased. He’s genuinely wants to help and has empathy.’