Are you an entrepreneur?

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Is there an entrepreneurial personality type?

In the research papers  I have read it appears that certain personalities are attracted to entrepreneurial activities. Which comes first might be an element of chicken or egg.

In broad terms the characteristics of the entrepreneurial personality are

  • creative, restless,  but with an eye to the practical
  • logical, analytical, decisive , able to shift through the information
  • adaptable, changeable, flexible

There are two types of entrepreneur-the social ones who tend to be great at networking, selling,(such as Richard Branson) and the more aloof ones who often have a techie approach (e.g. Bill Gates).

Recently I helped a salesman moved into a Managing Director role. One of the main areas we worked on was being able to detach from people to make decisions. This freed him up to use his creativity to find new opportunities.

Why learn about this?

If you are a budding entrepreneur then it might be worth seeing what aspects of your personality will help you and what might limit you.

If you are a coach or advisor you might want to learn how best to approach and get on with an entrepreneur?

Better still give me a call if you want to discuss. 


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