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Have you found your s yet?

Olympic champions often know what they want to do from early in life. Some of us are late developers. Your red rubber ball is your passion. It gets you up in the morning and the next day.

‘If everyone followed their red rubber ball then they would be happy. We spend so much time doing things we should do, not what we feel is right for us and makes us happy. It is a very exciting idea isn’t it? It has taken me my whole life to get near. It is brilliant you can give people a short cut.’ Lucy England

One of the best training courses I have ever been on was conducted by Neil Kirby and  Steve Williams  of the Red Rubber Ball Company. It answers some really basic questions:

Have you ever wondered what’s all about-where you should be directing your energy? Do you wish you had more motivation? Are you really living your life as you want? Using all your resources? Following your dreams?

 The Red Rubber Ball idea comes from Kevin Carroll.  He is a former Athletic Trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers; he also worked for Nike and is a consultant and public speaker through his company, Katalyst. He did not have the best start in life yet through encouragement and determination he found want made him feel alive and what he wanted to pursue. This he called his red rubber ball. He has been pursuing it ever since.

I have always pursued a number of different goals and roles. The beauty of the Red Rubber Ball process is that it links these all together into one meaningful and exciting journey. And the dreams are coming true. This workshop aims help you start to achieve yours.

If you would like to know more I am doing a taster training at Leweswerks in February. Look at  for more or call on 07940 130970 


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