5 things to improve your teaching

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Learn about methods

They don’t teach you this at teacher training. From the great teachers at Pilgrims(www.pilgrims.co.uk) I have learnt about:

  •  suggestopedia-a skilful way to go overcome natural resistances to learning. This method was discovered in Bulgaria by Dr Georgi Lozanov.
  • the silent way; this is an approach to language teaching designed to enable students to become independent, autonomous and responsible learners. It is part of aapproach to teaching and learning created by Caleb Cattegno.
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming. This method helps you create worthwhile and constructive relationships with your students as well as ways of reading them individually.
  • Multiple intelligences, psychodrama and many others.

Learn to trust your voice as a teacher

There is no single way to teach. You will have your own voice, your own way of being as a teacher. some teachers will be madly, extravert and entertaining; others will be good at listening or very well organised. Use this voice as a strength and then bridge to reach others.

Teaching is part of the entertainment business

Some element of performance and entertainment are part of the teaching package. I am learning stand-up at the moment which has helped me understand performance. Other forms of creativity such as drama, music, writing etc. add to this.

All teaching teaches humanity

Sounds abit pompous but all teachers are role models and the more human you are and the more you show of yourself the more consistent is the teaching.

Study psychology

It has got alot to teach you. I recommend Fuerstein and his theories of mediation to remind you how much impact a teacher can have.


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