We do HR outsourcing,  advice, training, coaching and team building and projects( like designing  appraisal and feedback systems). Examples of our services:

HR Director to Entrepreneurs

We act as your own HR director, yet we are not on your payroll and you don’t have to make us a cup of tea ! We agree a fee or work on an adhoc basis to make your place a better place to work. Stuff includes what do you do  if a member of staff runs amok with a stapler to how do I turn this kid into the Einstein of car servicing? Also:

  •  How to operate within employment law without becoming the super hero known as risk averse man
  • Avoiding and solving issues like disputes, dismissals etc without losing your humanity
  • Building a motivated team
  • Training and coaching people

Professional partnerships

We do the same for professional partnerships but find that they often want:
• Coaching of senior team members
• A way of promoting people fairly-we have some psychological tools
• Team building – as partners are often solitary animals and only emerge from their rooms at night (they watch you like a meerkat though)


We love you. We know your job is one of the toughest emotionally and those long holidays back packing are really deserved. We work with you to develop your voice and give you effective methods and tools such as:
• The Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator to motivate, coach and develop tailored learning
• NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  to build creativity and harmony and accelerate learning
• Other methods like silent way, multiple intelligences