Talent Management

Talent management for us the glossy way of saying you need to enable people to do the best job they can, to create genuine teamwork. Teamwork and recruiting the right person are the two sharpest arrows in the HR quiver. The third is having the confidence to learn.

Talent management is a bit like mountain climbing. You usually start at the bottom and work your way up. It is easier in a team, and it helps if you have the skills, equipment and attain a good altitude.

So how can we help?

1. Identify an organisational blueprint. What are the roles needed? Skills and strengths? Lines and leadership? Salaries and rewards?. We will draw up and organisation framework to meet your needs.

2. Create a positive workplace. By getting everyone using their strengths. We can help you identify these through a number of tools. Attending to this can lead to a 36% increase in performance.

3. Create a team: this is the great invisible. We will assist your leaders to analyse, and develop teamwork. Our approach is based on successful sports teams.

4. Develop a talent management system to track and activate learning and development using our innovative software.

5. Release Potential- we will actively develop future leaders and better leaders through our coaching programme.

6. Generate skills- a specialised programme of learning and development.

To learn more about each of these elements click on the links or call Mike Shreeve or Brian Kemp.