HR Advice and Support

Employment legislation in the UK and Europe is very complex and penalties for non compliance can be very severe.  Employment tribunals are vigilant in establishing that up to date policies are in place and in examining if they have been followed correctly. Helixhr with Execnet have detailed knowledge of employment law and practical experience of helping clients manage positively and fairly within the law.

We act as advisers to line managers to help them resolve contentious HR issues as they arise. Support is provided via telephone, email, web and onsite visits.

 Typical issues handled:

  •  Absence management
  • Discipline and grievances
  • Dismissals
  • Redundancy
  • Absence management
  • Long term sickness including DDA, capability and adjustments
  • Maternity/paternity including flexible working
  • Equality and diversity
  • Part time and fixed term contract staff


The Advice and Support service also provides:


  • Updates to employment contracts, supporting policies and standard letters
  • Employee and manager briefings relating to changes in employment legislation
  • Mediation services for dispute resolution
  • HR surgeries to provide support for managers and staff
  • Comprehensive HR Audits

 Fees can be charged on an hourly or daily basis, on an agreed fixed project rate or through an annual subscription service.

 We offer an additional Advice and Support solution that can provide access to a comprehensive web based portal of information and documents with the option of unlimited access to an advice line manned by employment lawyers. This service can also be extended to provide fixed fee tribunal representation in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim and the additional safety net of  insurance protection. It has become part of our HR service provisions in recognition of the increasingly litigious culture in UK employment disputes and the fact that employees have nothing to lose by bringing an action against their employers. Executive Network Consultants offer this service in partnership with the Employment Services Partnership  (ESP) who are fully FSA authorised and regulated in order to provide the insurance element of the service. The service is based on a one, two or three year contract which is taken out directly with ESP and payments are made monthly by direct debit.