Know yourself through Myers Briggs

Do you know the people in your team and how to get the best out of them? Why they are different?

The Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator is a well researched way to show you why everyone in your team is the way they are, what motivates them, how they work best, their likely strengths, what stresses them, even whether they are a morning or afternoon person.

Recently, I heard on the radio a football pundit saying what distinguishes the top (football) managers is they manage the individual and can deal with talented but sometimes difficult people. The example quoted was Alex Ferguson with Eric Cantona.

The knowledge from Myers Briggs is a must for:

  •  a manager who wants to manage talent and diversity and does not want clones for employees
  • a person who wants the operating system manual for their own personality
  • for teams to operate at a deeper and more impactful level
  • for teachers who wish build a more harmonious classroom

It works by linking several deep seated choices that we make usually in the womb or early childhood:

  • Are you extravert or introvert?
  • Do you take in information in small details or through seeing the bigger picture?
  • Do you decide logically or through feelings or values?
  • Are you a planner or do you go with the flow?

Sixteen choices or types are possible, with these four questions. To avoid the danger  of type casting the individual personality is further shaped through a number of individual preferences or facets, thus giving a unique footprint like a human snowflake. The questionnaire to identify the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator(MBTI) can be completed on line with feedback from a qualified practitioner.

Call if you want to give it a go.