Learn NLP to develop your business, your people and yourself

Why learn NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has become recognised as a method of achieving business success and professional excellence .Businesses are searching for ways that can release the creative potential of the individual and give the confidence to achieve peak performance. NLP works by changing thinking, behaviour and self imposed limits on our potential and is a kind of mental conditioning and based on positive psychology. Learning NLP can:

  • Help managers, sales people and professionally based people strengthen relationships
  • Overcome psychological barriers to success
  • Improve confidence to take risks, and create new ways
  • Learn faster
  • Present more effectively
  • Manage and lead others


Why not just teach specific skills that we know the names of?

 Let’s face it the name is a bit off-putting. So why not forget the jargon as some people do and use the technique with naming it. Doing this takes away the power of understanding the complete approach and how this connects things together so that the person can benefit from applying the principles to many aspects rather than a particular area.

 It is these generic skills that can improve the responsiveness of the individual and will have significantly more impact than one off courses on time management, coaching, presentations, negotiation, leadership and management.


Why use Helixhr?

 Helixhr has been involved with teaching and using NLP in an authentic way to strengthen individuals companies and teachers for the last twenty years. We have applied it to businesses, teams, sports and personal contexts.


What do I get?

 Helixhr offers a four day programme that looks at four key areas;

  •  The keys of NLP
  • Personal productivity and excellence
  • Brilliant relationships
  • Achieving excellence

 The Keys of NLP


We show you the “four pillars” of NLP and teach the observation skills, listening skills, and rapport building skills that can make a great difference to your leadership, selling and communication. The main benefits are:

  •  Communicating more successfully with a range of people. This will increase your ability to get the best out of someone, talk to them so they listen, and minimise mis-communication.
  • Finding better ways to relate to people so you are tuning into to their real concerns.
  • Minimise contradictory messages so that all aspects of communication work together.
  • Notice small changes that you may have thought unimportant.


Personal productivity and excellence

 We examine the obstacles to achieving your full potential including overcoming limiting beliefs, living more to your values, knowing and using your strengths and developing inner confidence. It also looks at ways you can use positive and negative feedback to accelerate learning. As a result you will:

  • Be your best more often.
  • Be more confident and competent.
  • Use all feedback for learning, and not allow it to derail you.
  • Achieve your goals
  • Enjoy time, energy and life

Brilliant relationships

Enjoying effective relationships is the key to most things in life, yet how to make this happen? This programme shows you how to retrieve a damaged relationship, understand and work on different layers of a relationship, improve body language, change and evaluate relationships from different perspectives, and allow more of yourself to come through in presentations and meetings. Maybe this will lead to:

  • Personal enrichment
  • Less stress more enjoyment
  • More sales
  • Better staff retention
  • Better balanced lives’

Achieving excellence

You gain the general tools to learn specifically about the important skills and knowledge you need in your industry. This is based on modelling people who are good at things. You will be able to take a skill, learn it and teach it to others using the tools from the previous sessions. As a result you will continue to update your skills and develop peak performance.

Before and after each module

Before each module you will have some reading and after there is a programme of set actions to apply the learning. This means that each module is applied to the individual work or life context. This can be in a coaching or training context.


For in-house rates contact Mike Shreeve on 07940 130970 or e: mike@helixhr.co.uk.