What  do we  offer professional partnerships?

Professional partnerships have distinctive needs. The business model depends on succession, attraction, skill and teamwork. Getting this right is the difference between good and average rewards. We are offering an HR partner service that reflects these needs . The benefits are:

  • Time saving
  • Developing succession
  • Coaching a culture of work winning
  • Skills development
  • Better place to work
  • More profits
  • Better training spend

We can take on all your people responsibility or part. We can offer

  • Strategy for change that ties into your business goals
  • Development of all
  • Feed back and appraisal
  • Leadership development
  • Organisational roles and team development
  • Action to improve recoveries
  • Coaching of senior team
  • Conflict unlocking
  • Management training
  • Record keeping
  • Contracts
  • Recruitment help

All for a fixed fee per month.