Remuneration & Benefits

Establishing pay and benefits policies which are attractive, fair and affordable can be a major headache. The right approach can lead to high levels of motivation and staff retention but an unplanned and reactive strategy can result in high staff turnover, inconsistency and low morale. we also ensure that the rewards hit the right psychological buttons and fit into the bigger picture of what you are doing

We can offer advice and guidance on many of the key issues relating to pay and benefits and tailor an overall approach designed around the specific needs of your organisation. 

On issues relating to Remuneration, we work with you to ensure your approach is externally competitive and internally fair. This includes:

  • Aligning your pay and benefit programmes to your business strategy
  • Developing meaningful and measurable job profiles to analyse and compare specific roles
  • Devising effective job evaluation schemes that are fit for purpose in an SME environment
  • Reviewing pay and grading systems
  • Developing effective bonus, commission and incentive schemes for individuals or teams. This includes advice on eligibility, basis of measurement, type and amount of payment, timescales and frequency of payment
  • Benchmarking employee compensation and benefits against market rates
  • Communicating with employees to ensure that they are committed to the overall approach

In terms of Employee Benefit programmes, we offer advice and guidance in the establishment, management and communication of a complete benefit programme incorporating:

  • Pensions
  • Life Assurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Long term disability cover
  • Company Cars and Car Allowances
  • Holidays and Time Off
  • Gym or Health Club Membership
  • Sponsored Study
  • Family Friendly Benefits including enhanced maternity/paternity pay and leave, childcare vouchers and flexible working
  • Subsidised Products and Services
  • Company Sponsored Social Events
  • Loans
  • Flexible or cafeteria style benefits

To deliver the elements of benefit programmes that are covered by FSA regulations or insurance provisions, we work in partnership with a highly respected independent financial advisers, Chilcomb Wealth