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Helixhr has combined with Zero3 (Employee Reward& Engagement) to offer a modern approach to reward.The reality is that life changes and with change comes challenge and opportunity.

Reliance solely on cash based rewards, is no longer the way to improve employee engagement, and thereby increase potential profit. So reward strategies need to be reviewed and modernised.

Recent studies have clearly shown that in order to successfully motivate; employees need to be properly engaged within the business. People like challenge, mastery and purpose!

The above means that many organisations need to spend time rethinking how they best motivate incentivise and communicate with their teams in ways that will improve profitability.

What We Do

In a nutshell our aim is to help employers modernise their reward strategy. We do this by matching psychological and financial rewards, improving the communication of rewards and we link people together through the web.

The end result is that employers get the best return on investment and we ensure that employees see real value in what is provided.

We can:

Help you develop your thinking on reward and plug into a strategy.

Enhance the presentation of reward through value statement, brochures and other media.

Improve your web communication.

Offer non monetary rewards through e-learning, academy programmes, coaching and 360 feedback.

Offer benefits that you can access that will improve the life of people you work with.

Find out what motivates people in your company.

Train your managers in psychological reward so you don’t pay people a load of dosh and then de-motivate them.

 Build systems such as appraisal that are consistent with this.

 Link you to similarly minded people.

Contact Details

The reward revolution has begun!

Telephone: Mike Shreeve – 07940 130970 or Roger Cook on 07948124314.