What is happiness?

Posted on | September 23, 2010 | Comments Off on What is happiness?

What is happiness? How can I be happier? Part One

A couple of people have asked me my thoughts on happiness. It is something we don’t have training on. Here is my personal take on it. In four parts.

When I am unhappy I sometimes think if only I had a car, house, posh shirt, copy of the jive bunnies’ latest music, better job etc. then I will be happy. But although nice things can make life better and can be fun, they are not the source of my happiness. In fact their pursuit alone leads to inner turmoil.

I sometimes seek distraction from unhappiness in chocolate, biscuits, drink, computer games, noise, and television etc. This can only mask unhappiness. Biscuits can be nice with a cup of tea though. My particular addictions are Sky Sports, Marks and Spencer’s hot cross buns and liquorice. Yum.

Happiness comes from within. Within, what I am not sure.

Other people like to help me but sometimes they think they know best. Yuk! Giving to others is a source of happiness, living life according to others rules or expectations is a prison. Friendship is yucky or not depending whether it fulfils these conditions.

When I compare myself to others this can be useful or rubbish. It is useful if I learn how someone does a skill or the attitude they have to a problem. It is rubbish if I think ‘I can never be as cool (beautiful, muscled, tattooed) as that person.’ This creates the so-called ‘bad self esteem’. That in itself is an illusion because I can never take away my worth. Life is not a race against others; I start from where I am and attempt to get better.


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