What we do to help you get the best from people

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Helixhr is an HR consultancy looking to combine best practice, commercial ability, psychology and flair to support exciting ambitious businesses, who want to get the best people, motivate and enable them to contribute to their full potential.

We will usually work logically on the steps below:

  • Encourage a safe framework to realise potential .We enable you to operate within legally based rules with fair procedures and a degree of flair to encourage and motivate people. This includes ensuring you have effective contracts, policies and procedures.
  • Build a long term consistent strategy and culture that supports your business plan and vision through an annual budgeted people plan.  We understand and support you as an entrepreneur and free you to develop an outstanding business.
  •  Develop your line managers – effective line managers are the key to catalysts for excellence in people.  They can also muck up the best laid plans. We coach and train your line managers in the behaviour likely to develop people. We will update your managers in employment law and train them in the key skills of coaching, feedback and encouraging high performance. 
  • Find and keep talent. We help you attract the right people with your own web portal or directly recruit and interview on your behalf. We will monitor any leavers and ensure that you have the right environment to retain staff. We will advise on the most effective rewards including psychological rewards.
  • Improve leadership and team work through work groups, team development and leadership programmes. We can maximise training grants and ensure that each person has development goals.
  • Develop your HR capability – we will act as your HR manager or help your HR team. We can coach and develop your own people to do this. We will recommend a suitable provider of HR software and assist in setting it up. This will save you time and improve communication with your employees.
  •  Act as hands on mentors to get you through difficult crises (disputes, redundancy, and long term sickness) and as a long term advisor to your business.

Why use us?


These are some of the reasons:

You get people development expertise on tap when and where you need it at a cost that you can afford.    We save you the anguish of some employment issues and time freeing you to create opportunities. You gain a genuine partner that is not just focused on bolting the door when you are in trouble and referring to processes but helps you find how to build a great people culture.  You get access to a quick and responsive personal service.

Likely business results

 Specific (better retention of people, improved productivity, more ideas and products, less absences, more satisfied staff, improved reputation, faster cheaper recruitment, better team work, less disputes, better performance)General – we will help you build a management team that means you can sell or merge your business in the future. We will have a people strategy that enables you to reach your business targets. Finally we will enable you to build the capacity relevant to each stage of development so you are in control.






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